Areas of service

Mediator and Attorney


As an attorney, Jeniffer Viscarra represents clients in both contested and uncontested divorces. If yours is an uncontested matter (you and your spouse already agree on everything and simply need assistance in formalizing your agreement), your case may be handled on a flat-fee basis and can be resolved relatively quickly. Contested matters are more unpredictable, but most are ultimately settled without need for a trial.

As a mediator, Jeniffer serves as a neutral third party helping the spouses and their attorneys find compromise and avoid a trial.


There is no “common law marriage” in Florida. No matter how long you live together, if you have a child out of wedlock and you separate from your partner, the right to time sharing (custody) and child support obligation should be established through a paternity action so that the father can be recognized as a legal parent.  As an attorney Jeniffer Viscarra represents parents in court proceedings to establish the rights and responsibilities of each.

As a mediator, Jeniffer  serves as a neutral third party helping parents and their attorneys establish a parenting plan and determine child support.

Child Support

Child support is calculated using state guidelines, which consider the amount of time each parent spends with the child/children, the income of the parties, and other allowable deductions. There are times when the state initiates a child support action.  If you have been served, consult with our office before your first hearing.


Circumstances may change after your case is resolved, and you may need to go back to ask the court for a modification to the existing agreement or order. This is especially important with regards to child support. Even if the other party agrees, it is essential that you get a court order reflecting the new agreement. As an attorney, Jeniffer Viscarra represents parties in modification proceedings.

As a mediator, Jeniffer serves as a neutral facilitator helping parties and their respective attorneys find an appropriate middle ground for the requested modification.